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Core Camp Challenge

It's all about the process, the progress and the RESULTS!

If not now when? The infamous lines of, "I'll do it tomorrow, I'll start Monday, News Years resolution, Next week, Next month, Summer time" When enough becomes enough and you want to stop procrastinating, when you want that extra push, that Monday motivation, we've got you. Everything isn't going to be unicorns and rainbows all the time but when you have a group of like minded people behind you pushing you to do and be better each and every day it sure makes hitting the goals a heck of a lot easier.

The Core Camp Challenge is a 4 week program that's going to challenge you mentally and physically. We will be working on strengthening your core and strengthening you're mental as well as breaking some bad habits in the kitchen. The Core Camp Challenge includes 3 days of Core exercises with 2 days of cardio. We have weekly check in's as well as Q&A's to answer all your questions.

Today is the day you register and stop procrastinating!

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